Pace Focus Plus (FOCUS+)

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PACE Focus Plus detailed description

Active Noise Cancellation.

Noise Cancellation is the reduction of unwanted background sound that interferes with the sound from your headphones. Pace Focus Plus comes with Active Noise Cancellation that gets rid of unwanted ambient sound. Active Noise Cancellation comes in handy especially when you are in a moving vehicle. If you have ever tried to listen to music in a moving vehicle, you will find that no matter how much you raise the volume, background noise still seeps in. This can be annoying if you want to listen to your content since you can't pick what is being said. With Active Noise Cancellation, no background noise seeps in ensuring you can listen clearly to your content without raising the volume to max.


Comfortable to Wear.

Headphones have a tendency to irritate the ear the longer you wear them. To avoid ear irritation, you might be forced to limit the time you have them on. Pace Focus Plus tries to solve this problem. Pace Focus Plus ear muffs are crafted from the softest materials. This drastically reduces irritation to the ear when you have your headphones on. By using soft materials for the muffs, Pace Focus Plus weight is drastically reduced. This enables you to wear them for longer without feeling any strain on your head or neck.



Headphones need to be portable. With portable Headphones, you fit them anywhere in your belongings and carry them with you. That is why Pace Focus Plus muffs can be folded into each other. This reduces the space they occupy allowing you to fit them into the tightest of spaces. The muffs being folded also reduces the risk of damage that can be caused by items pressing on the muffs.





  • Active Noise Cancellation


  • Bluetooth v5.0


  • 180x190x40mm


  • Leather, Fabric, Plastic


  • Black


  • 20Hz to 20,000 Hz


  • Dynamic 40mm diameter


  • In-built 500mAh Lithium-ion Battery with up to 35 hours of battery life

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