Wholesale and Retail

We engage in the business of selling a wide range of consumer electronics and promotional goods to Corporates, multinational organizations and others. Our products are of high quality standards and we offer immaculate after sale service to our clients. We sell leading brands like Logitech, Kingsons, Lenovo, Sony, Samsung, HikVision, Epson, Casio, HP, LG, HecklerDesign, Apple

Imports and Exports

It is the mission of AfaTrading Company Ltd to provide complete import/export brokerage services including purchase  contracts, shipping, clearing, warehousing and delivery scheduling. The company will concentrate on special and additional imports from countries all over the globe.

Special Orders

We also have an experienced procurement department which specialized in sourcing of products required by the client directly from an overseas supplier. We make the payment on behalf of the client, import, clearing the goods and deliver them directly to your door step.